Forecast, plan, and run your operation through high level FTE forecasting and analytics. Optimize your operational planning strategy by knowing where to focus.

Industry Leading FTE Capacity Planning

Dover Forecasting makes FTE requirement planning principles and methods acessible within a single platform, ready for you to begin using.

  • Know and understand your staff requirements and be more prepared to meet your service goals.

  • Optimize your workforce planning processes with industry-leading tools.

  • Save all your data to the cloud and never worry about corrupt files again.

Staffing Operations Management

Staff and FTE forecasting is an intricate process - understaffing hurts your service delivery targets, increases wait times, and increases occupancy. Overstaffing burns unnecessary financal resources and creates disengagement. The success of any service is defined by the sweet-spot in staffing that is just the right amount. Knowing this will better prepare you to be there when you need to.

  • Multi-Channel LOBs

    Full visibility to your precise business staff requirements, by month.

  • Shrinkage Tracking

    Track all your Shrinkage and Backoffice categories and understand their impact on your bottom line.

  • Forecasts vs Actuals

    Dover Forecasting focuses your team on knowing your business rather than knowing a spreadsheet.

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Built for Contact Center Workforce Management

Dover Forecasting was built specifically for Workforce Management (WFM) and Contact Center Management employees. It was designed to cut all the unnecessary task work associated with Excel-maitenance, and deliver the end result in the qucikest, most accurate, and reliable way possible.

Dover Forecasting


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